Erik Muijsenberg

Vice President, GLASS SERVICE, a.s.

Mechanical Engineering at University of Eindhoven, he worked at TNO Glass group focusing in furnace modeling and glass melt technology. In 1998 he moved to GLASS SERVICE B.V.  Netherlands, and in 2009 to GLASS SERVICE headquarters in Czech Republic, becoming Vice President of the company.

In 1997 he was awarded with the Otto Schott Award and in 2012 received the Adolf Dietzel Industry Award (DGG) for his contribution to the development of glass furnace modeling & optimization.

Vice Chairman and past Chairman of the Technical Committee 21 – Furnace Design & Operations – of the ICG, in 2016 Erik became ICG Steering Committee member.

Erik has actively promoted Industry 4.0 smarter model based furnace and forehearth control and CO2 emission reductions to the Glass Industry for over twenty years.